Scientific Manuscript Editing

English is the dominant language in science. Scientists must thus communicate and publish in English for their work to be recognised by the scientific community. Unfortunately, good science is not enough to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Every medical and scientific journal, regardless of its impact factor, prefers papers that are clear, well-written and grammatically correct.
Moreover, many outstanding medical and scientific manuscripts are not accepted on the first attempt due to the editing policies of each journal and especially due to the great competition among scientists to publish in the most prestigious journals.

Choosing a professional editing service to help you improve the English and clarity of your scientific manuscript becomes crucial for publication. The Smart Octopus is specifically tailored to scientists whose native language is not English with the aim of editing the language and clarity of your scientific paper so that it reads as if it were written by an English native speaker. My final goal is for you to succeed as a scientist by describing your research more clearly and effectively and by increasing your chances of publication.

According to the needs and to how well the original paper is written, I offer three different levels of editing (see English Editing Service for details). Other than editing your manuscript, I also check that the bibliographic citations in your manuscript correspond to those listed in your bibliography list (cross-reference check).
For research papers, I also provide the following complementary editing services that can be useful prior or following manuscript submission.

Future revisions

All manuscripts undergo revision, no matter how well they are written. I provide revisions of your manuscript, at competitive rates, giving you the chance to make additional changes or additions to the paper prior to submission or following review. See also My Discounts for more details on the policy adopted by The Smart Octopus to favour the publication process and manuscript resubmission.

Cover letter editing

I check spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax of your cover letter and also improve the text (if necessary) to make sure it effectively introduces the paper to the journal editor. This service is provided at NO EXTRA CHARGE as part of the Substantive editing.

Response letter editing

I check spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax of your response letter to the editor and reviewers as well as making sure that your responses are sufficiently robust and precisely address the reviewers doubts or questions.