Your research is safe with me as The Smart Octopus uses modern encryption methods to protect your research during data transfer and storage. Your privacy is also extremely important to me. You can be sure that I will handle your personal details (and contents of your documents) with utmost care and confidentiality (more details below but see also Privacy Policy).


Website security

To make sure that your personal information and submission of your documents are secure, The Smart Octopus has installed the most powerful and updated security measures on its website. All communication is encrypted, making it practically impossible for anyone to access the contents of your work once it has left your desktop.


Payment security

To protect your credit card information, The Smart Octopus has partnered with PayPal to offer you the most trusted financial transaction system on the web. The Smart Octopus will never store your credit card information, so you will not need to worry about fraudulent charges. For information about how PayPal can protect you from unauthorized payments with its 24/7 fraud monitoring, visit PayPal’s website.



Click here to view my complete Privacy Policy to read about what information is collected when you create an account, how it is used, to whom it is disclosed, and of other important policy terms and practices.


Terms of service

Click here to view my Terms of Service, which applies to all services and information that are offered through the website


Confidentiality agreement

The document that you submit to me may consist of your unpublished hard work, or personal data. Unlike most professional editing and translation services, where editors are required to sign a legally-binding confidentiality agreement, I obviously do not sign a formal confidentiality agreement simply because I carry out my business on my own and do not subcontract to others. I thus have all the interest for you to be satisfied with my work and would never divulge your name, personal details, or documents to third parties or would ever use it for on-line content or other purposes without your written consent.


Further suggestions

Contact me with any suggestions, or privacy and security concerns.