Translation Service

In this era of “going global”, in industry and commerce as well as science and technology, language barriers can still be considered a common challenge in international research and business settings. The proper translation of documents has a prime role in the context of international expansion. My professional Translation Service (from English into Italian or vice versa) fits in this context perfectly: English is now a global lingua franca, second only to Mandarin, while Italian is spoken by some 60-70 million people around the world! My translation service (documents or web content) is thus specifically tailored for researchers and professionals living in Italy who need to expand their activity or presence abroad or vice versa who live abroad and have frequent contacts with Italy for commercial or professional reasons. Being bilingual myself, I am able to capture the specific expressions and nuances of both languages, making your translation unambiguous, clear and effective as the original.

Translation of documents

Documents can come in all shapes (reports, essays, correspondence, courseware, scientific papers, etc.) and sizes (from an abstract to a thesis dissertation or a book) and can involve many different fields of work (from advertising and business, to finance, marketing, science and technology, etc.).

Below are the kinds of documents I am more accustomed to translate:

  • Scientific/technical documents: manuals, books, book chapters, scientific papers, grant proposals, medical documentation, etc.
  • Marketing documents: brochures and flyers, magazine advertisements, employee handbooks, promotional documents, etc.
  • General/Personal documents: emails and correspondence, cover letters, response letters, CVs, training material and courseware, employee surveys, etc.

Please feel free to send me any kind of document that needs to be translated even in other sectors from the ones listed above. I am more than willing to challenge myself in new fields of work, but will always be honest with you if I feel that my translation would be far-fetched and not according to the standards.

Translation of websites

Translating your website is today one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new customers and markets. A multi-language website is paramount for any business or organization that wants to have international accreditation since it is known that potential customers or collaborators will always prefer buying products and services or prefer spending more time on your site if they can read your content in their own language. I can translate your website from Italian into English (or vice versa) and make the translation as effective as the original, ensuring that your website translation reads like text written by a native speaker.