My Discounts

I believe in supporting your work and do all my best to make my services worth your money. I offer different types of discounts for my editing and translation services, both for new and especially returning customers. Please note that discounts cannot be combined.


First order discounts

For new customers I offer a 10% discount with first purchase order. So go ahead and confirm the first quote. The Smart Octopus won’t let you down!


Volume discounts

I offer a 10% discount on all editing and translation jobs involving documents longer than 6000 words.


Re-editing discounts

Manuscripts often need to be revised, prior submission to make additional changes or following review to respond to the criticism of referees. The Smart Octopus supports you through the publication process and will edit your revised manuscript at no extra charge provided the following criteria are met:

  • The new/modified text is highlighted in the revised paper by underlining or by using coloured fonts.
  • The amount of new text does not exceed 10% of the word count of the paper originally edited by The Smart Octopus.

If these two conditions are met, I will only edit the new/modified text at no additional cost and you will receive back the edited version within 3-4 days. If, however, the amount of text exceeds 10% of the word count of the paper originally edited by me or if you have not highlighted the new/modified text appropriately, then I will edit all the manuscript again. You will be charged 80% of the Copyediting service rate, i.e. 0.04-0.05 EUR p/word.
It is important to underline that I will edit the same revised manuscript (< 10% word count) for free a maximum of two times.


Regular clients discounts

My pride are satisfied, and returning, clients. The Smart Octopus operates a discount scheme for regular clients. You will receive a discount (proportional to the size of the project) every 5 jobs ordered.


Referral discounts

I also offer referral discounts. Recommend me to a colleague and if he/she will use my services you will receive a 10% discount on the next job you submit.


Feedback discounts

Feedback is important to me as it is a measure of how happy you are with my work. Leave a testimonial and receive 10% off of your next order.