Website Service

Nowdays we all need a website, whether it is for personal or professional reasons or both. A website is considered your online window to the world. Sad as it may seem, you may be brilliant in your work but remain behind the scenes if you don’t have a website that increases your visibility by effectively describing your activity and experiences, services offered, portfolio of clients, etc. In a sense, the website of your business or profession is comparable to your CV, only much more entertaining! Take advantage of my Website Service to: i) make your work stand out by creating web content that is clean, sharp and engaging; ii) translate your website (from Italian into English and vice versa) to reach new markets and potential customers or collaborators; iii) restyle your site, for a fresher look, or decide to create your website from scratch!

Web content

Text content is usually neglected in websites. More often than not, there is either too much (which makes the website boring) or too little in favour of multimedia web content (i.e. images, photographs, artwork, animation, video, sound, etc.). At the end of the day, text is still king as visitors come to your site for the contents and if the design, architecture, technology and interactivity don’t provide that content they will leave. Below are the weak points I normally work on regarding web content issues:

  • Is your message effective, clean and sharp? In other words, are your project and purposes, and the services offered, clearly described in your website?
  • Is the content gathered and organized appropriately?
  • Is the information logically divided into the pages of your site to ease navigation?
  • Does your content capture interest? Would you want to spend more time reading, listening, or viewing it?
  • Does your content provide a personal link between visitors and your business? In other words, do visitors feel they know your business or organization on the first visit?
  • Does your text contain keywords useful for search engines?
  • Does your website need a fresh pair of eyes for mis-spelled words, errors in syntax and formatting, etc.?

Web translation

Translating your website is today one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new customers and markets. A multi-language website is paramount for any business or organization that wants to have international accreditation since it is known that potential customers or collaborators will always prefer buying products and services or prefer spending more time on your site if they can read your content in their own language. I can translate your website from Italian into English (or vice versa) and make the translation as effective as the original, ensuring that your website translation reads like text written by a native speaker.

Web design

If you do not have your own in-house website team, take advantage of my ongoing collaboration with professional web designers and programmers to make your website more attractive, engaging and high-ranking in search engines (website restyling), or to create your website from scratch (web design, hosting and development). Below are some examples of the web services offered:

  • Registration and renewal: web hosting and domain name registration and ongoing website maintenance service.
  • Static or dynamic website design: the creation of static or dynamic websites with modern designs and features, customized to meet the needs of your business. A content management system (CMS) can be built, if required, to facilitate the updating of contents autonomously and make the uploading of other languages much easier.
  • Responsiveness and compatibility: optimization of your website for the best desktop and mobile experiences.
  • SEO and foreign SEO: optimization of your pages with keywords (including relevant keywords in the foreign language for a multi-lingual website) and submission of your site to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), including those of your target country.
  • Integration with social networks: integration of your website with the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) to maximize your visibility, check visitors comments and come into direct contact with potential clients or collaborators.