Cost of Services

My prices are based on the type of services (editing, translation, web) you choose (details below), the length of your document (word count), and how quickly you need it returned to you (turnaround time). Fees and terms, and turnaround times, will be discussed in advance and must be confirmed by you before I start working on your project. Rush service can be accommodated for a surcharge, please inquire.
For more information on how word count and turnaround time is calculated, see FAQs.


English language editing service

A breakdown of the prices for my editing service, including complementary services, is indicated below.

Service Price (EUR) Notes
Proofreading 0.02-0.03 p/word
Copyediting 0.04-0.05 p/word
Substantive editing 0.06-0.08 p/word
Journal formatting requirements 100 p/manuscript
Future revisions See My Discounts section
Bibiography check 150/< 25 ref
Bibliography check 200/> 25 ref
Cover letter editing 50 p/manuscript INCLUDED FOR FREE with Substantive editing service
Response letter editing 50 p/manuscript

Turnaround time will be discussed at the outset when I receive your file following submission. As you can imagine, it depends largely on the length of the document, other than the level of editing requested. Shorter texts require shorter lead times while longer documents take longer to edit. The same is true for the level of editing chosen, proofreading requiring less time to deliver than substantive editing. As a general example, for substantive editing, I usually deliver your edited document within 3 to max 10 business days from the day I receive it depending on the length of the manuscript (see breakdown below for details).

Length of document Delivery (within)
< 1000 words 1-2 business days
Standard manuscript (2500 words) 3-5 business days
2500 < 5000 words 7 business days
5000 < 10000 words 10 business days
10000 + words To be negotiated

Please consider 1-2 days delivery for complementary editing services.


Bilingual translation service

The rates for my translation service depend on the language pairing (i.e. if Italian is the source or target language) as indicated below.

Language pairing Price (EUR)
EN>IT 0.05-0.06 p/word
IT>EN 0.07-0.09 p/word

Likewise my editing services, turnaround time will be discussed at the outset and depends on the length of the document (see standard breakdown below for details) as well as language style (i.e. how technical or how much industry jargon there is) that is specific to each document.

Length of document Delivery (within)
< 500 words 6 h
1000-2000 words 36 h
> 2000 words 1500 words p/day

With every project, large or small, I perform a quality check to ensure that the document is error-free and the format has been maintained. One to two additional days may be necessary for verification.


Website service

The rates for web content revision and web translation are in line with those of my editing and translation services (see above) if you send me the document that needs revision/translation with all encoding or mark-up languages removed (in .txt, .doc, .rtf, etc.). However, if you ask me to revise/translate the source files directly (.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java to cite some), I will perform a word count and send you the details so that you can accept the total word count or remove unnecessary paragraphs. Please consider, however, that I request a surcharge (20%) for the revision/translation of a website in source code vs. word format as the editing/translation process is more time-consuming and requires an additional quality check.

The cost of web design cannot be standardized since restyling or building a website from scratch is always customized to your specific needs and requirements. I generally establish a project fee with the client. The more detail you can give me about your project up front, the better I can estimate how much the job will cost.